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Generations Family Wealth is a boutique firm providing a full complement of financial services. Our advisors have the knowledge, expertise and experience to take care of not just your personal financial needs but that of your entire family.

Danny Carestia, B.A., CFP®, C.H.S.

Investment Advisor

Danny’s mother dedicated her days to working in a biscuit factory, while his father tirelessly laboured in construction and took on factory jobs, eventually finding a stable role in engineering development at Bombardier (formerly DeHavilland Aircraft). For them, providing for their family and ensuring their security were paramount. Their sacrifices paved the way for Danny and his sister to seize the opportunities that lay ahead, enabling them to pursue higher education, secure better jobs, and thrive in the welcoming embrace of Canada.

From this remarkable journey, Generations Family Wealth emerged and continues to flourish as the unwavering choice of multi-generation Canadian families, dedicated to securing their financial well-being and safeguarding their assets.

As a dedicated independent financial planning organization, we have assembled a team of experts, including Certified Financial Planners, Lawyers, Accountants, and Estate Planning professionals. Together, we offer a diverse range of customized financial planning solutions, ensuring we meet the unique needs of individuals, families, business owners, and professionals alike.

At the heart of our mission is Danny’s deep understanding of the trials, dreams, and ambitions woven into the fabric of multi-generational families. His personal journey has not only cultivated empathy but also ignited an unwavering commitment to guide others through their challenges, helping them to pursue a brighter future, mirroring the transformative support his own family provided.

Generations Family Wealth stands as a testament to the power of resilience and the potential for every family to thrive and prosper, regardless of their starting point.

Amanda Picallo

Administrative Assistant to Danny Carestia

Meet Amanda, a seasoned professional with a rich background in Office Administration and International Business, having earned her diploma from Centennial College in 1997. Her journey commenced at Zurich Life, where she contributed her expertise to the group insurance customer service call center. This experience paved the way for her transition to Liberty Health in 2000, where she continued to excel in the same capacity.

In 2001, Amanda assumed the pivotal role of office manager at C-S Sprackman Insurance Agency. This opportunity not only deepened her understanding of the insurance industry but also allowed her to gain invaluable insights from a broker’s perspective.

With a reputation that preceded her, Amanda was sought after in 2007 to become the office manager at C&C Planning and Insurance Group. Her invaluable experience in managing office operations led her to her current position at Generations Family Wealth.

To ensure an all-encompassing and superior client experience, Generations Family Wealth has meticulously curated a team of proficient and reliable experts. These professionals serve as dedicated resources on matters ranging from insurance to taxes, as well as various business and family-related concerns.

Our commitment is to equip ourselves to respond adeptly to all your inquiries.

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