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Having practiced law since 1995, Vincent J. De Angelis is committed to excellent service by offering his clients the best possible proactive advice with a view to minimizing costs. Vincent has a proven ability to effectively manage transactions. He is always applying the highest professional standards to every task he undertakes, while ensuring his clients are continuously involved and apprised of all developments. Vincent makes a point of staying current on the most recent legal developments in the law, with a focus on his specific areas of practice.

Tax Planning | Audits & Problems

TaxPage is Toronto-based boutique Canadian Tax Law firm specializing in income tax and business law, founded by lawyer and chartered accountant David Rotfleisch. Over the years, David has assisted numerous corporations and individuals with simple and complex tax and estate planning issues.

By staying small and specialized, the leadership team at TaxPage is able to respond quickly and effectively to their client’s income tax issues and concerns. According to TaxPage, there’s just one answer to a tax problem – an effective tax solution that’s just right for the client.

Independent Insurance | Financial Consultancy

Clients’ Edge Employee Benefits is an independent insurance and financial consultancy delivering smart, tailored benefits and pension strategies to addressing the unique needs and objectives of this clients.  CEEB has established itself a leading resource in Group Insurance and Retirement Programs by providing impactful solutions to their clients’ long-term needs

Retirement, Estate & Tax Planning | Insurance

John Gleeson’s solid educational background, combined with his strong interest in people and the financial industry, result in balanced, well-founded decisions for his clients and colleagues alike.

He is a member of the Conference for Advanced Life Underwriting, and The Canadian Tax Foundation, and is a strong believer in the merits of professional development. Seldom content with the status quo, John enjoys examining situations from a “what if” perspective.


Chartered Professional Accountants

Jacobson & Associates (J&A) is a full service public accounting office offering a variety of services at reasonable rates. The company was started in 2005 but Principal Karen Jacobson has been a practicing public accounting professional, designated since 1997 by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario (ICAO).

All J&A accountants are designated as Chartered Professional Accountants by the renamed Institute of Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario (ICPAO). The entire team remain current on the newest information, laws, regulations and techniques in the field.

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