Young Adult Money Forum: “Investing in Technology”

In the 4th annual Young Adult Money Forum entitled “Investing in Technology,” Money Manager Malcolm White discusses the fast-growing sector of technology.

In the webinar, White discusses:

  • How every business will transform into a digital business
  • How new applications for technologies are being used in every business today
  • The exponential growth of technology due to decreasing costs
  • How increased computational power has given rise to new technologies, including artificial intelligence and autonomous cars
  • How the growth curve in technological advances is accelerating
  • Why your portfolio should reflect your future spending basket

Watch the webinar now to learn more about why you should invest in technology.

About The Author

Malcolm White is the technology, media, and telecommunications specialist at Signature Global Asset Management, a division of CI Investments, one of Canada’s largest investment fund companies. With over 21 years of investment experience, White has been consistently voted one of Canada’s top 50 money managers in the Brendan Woods survey.